We may not see Elon Musk's tweeting randomly about crypto (or anything) ever again

17 Oct, 2018
by Fifi Arisandi
We may not see Elon Musk's tweeting randomly about crypto (or anything) ever again

The judge has agreed on the proposed settlement between Elon Musk and the SEC that includes a lawyer’s supervision and pre-approval on all communication medium, including Twitter.

After Alison Nathan, the judge who handles Elon Musk’s securities fraud agreed on the settlement, it’s just a matter of time before crypto enthusiasts on the Twitter-verse are unable to read his funny yet sarcastic random tweets on cryptocurrency again.

Besides having to step down from his position as the chairman of Tesla and pay the $20 million fines, Musk is required to have a lawyer to oversee all his communications on any platforms, especially Twitter where he got his lawsuits from.

The assigned lawyer will also have to screen and approve all the messages before they go live, particularly those that may be related to the company’s stock price, as reported by The Verge

While he can’t be considered as a prominent figure in the crypto-space, his fame has led to his persona being impersonated by many crypto scammers to promote their fraudulent activities many times.

And although most of Musk’s tweets are not crypto-related, he’s known for throwing complaints on Twitter scam spammers and some random comments that are related to cryptocurrency.

For some crypto-enthusiasts, the settlement agreement might be considered as a "huge loss", especially as a potential “secret weapon” to fight against crypto-scammers in the platform or even any other things.

Who else can tweet and receive immediate responses from prominent figures both on the Twitter-verse and in real life, anyway?

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