0x just went live on Coinbase.com and the mobile app

16 Oct, 2018
by David Borman
0x just went live on Coinbase.com and the mobile app

Today Coinbase announced on its blog that the increasingly popular token 0x (ZRX) is now officially available for purchase and trade both on Coinbase.com and the Coinbase mobile app. 0x was recently added to Coinbase Pro, but until today it was unclear when it would be available elsewhere.

This comes after a general announcement recently that Coinbase had streamlined its application process and new assets were on the way. It looks like 0x is just the first of these new asset rollouts.

Initially both the UK and the state of New York will be excluded from this rollout, though it is likely just a matter of time and red tape.

0x is a protocol for trading tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and is aiming to create decentralized exchanges to rival the centralized ones. It is the first token to be listed on Coinbase as of this time.

The news has caused an impressive 13% spike in the price of 0x, making it the best performing coin in the top 100 today on Coin Market Cap.

This is an exciting step forward as Coinbase expands its available assets. Stay tuned here with Chepicap for any and all updates!

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