Who are the #BankersAgainstBitcoin?

14 May, 2018
by Will Heasman
Who are the #BankersAgainstBitcoin?

Today in Midtown Manhattan, just outside the Hilton Hotel (the very location of Consensus 2018), chants of “hey, hey, ho, ho. Blockchain has got to go,” could be heard echoing all the way down 6th avenue.

This was the work of a satirical group known as Bankers Against Bitcoins. They came in their droves to “protest” The annual technology summit, displaying decorative placards with slogans such as “Free Jamie Dimon” and “We thought this was a bubble!”. It probably goes without saying that this was all very much tongue in cheek.

So who is this mysterious organisation and what is their goal? Well, simply put, its to mock the institutions who would actually protest such a thing as the advancement of technology. In addition, they also wish to highlight that this is potentially what the future holds, big corporations, particularly banks, are clearly under threat of being dismissed due to decentralisation. The vision of #BankersAgainstBitcoin, is one in which these conglomerates cease to exist, simply due to a lack of a need for them. Their official website reads:

“It will soon no longer be possible to charge the poorest people in the world exorbitant fees to send money back home to support their families.

Industries like the lucrative $15 billion overdraft industry that enrich banks will soon disappear.

And all the middlemen who’ve built business models simply from being in the middle – will see their control slowly slip away.

These are just a few of the hundreds – if not thousands of examples of the industries blockchain technology will disrupt.

As Jamie Dimon once said “Silicon Valley is Coming to Eat Our Lunch”.

Well Jamie, and all the others who stand to be disrupted – Bitcoin will be coming for a lot more than just your lunch if you fail to adapt to the new world we live in.”

Strong words indeed, straight from the leader of this guerrilla faction, Marco Streng. Streng is the Genesis Mining CEO, its Co-Founder and the man heading the quasi-war raging in crypto today.

Two years ago #BankersAgainstBitcoin launched its Bitcoin awareness campaign, entitled: #ExploreBitcoin. The project started with “dozens of billboards and taxi top signs across the country.” explaining the benefits of using Bitcoin. Since then their stunts have included launching a Bitcoin into space to claim bragging rights on the highest peer-to-peer transaction (32 Kilometers) while up there.


According to their website, they have many more stunts in the pipeline...  

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