Technical Director Marcus Zhao reveals upcoming updates for Tron

13 Oct, 2018
by Matthew Kim
Technical Director Marcus Zhao reveals upcoming updates for Tron

The Tron team has a reputation of marketing their project by building extraordinary hype. While critics claim that the excitement often lacks substance, there is no denying that their marketing antics bring a lot of attention. It was much of the same with Marcus Zhao on the most recent episode of Crypto News on Nakamoto Jedi.

Marcus Zhao, Tron’s Tech Manager, teased the Tron community with upcoming updates for the Tron project in an interview in Nakamoto Jedi. According to Zhao, Tron’s dev team is working on multiple features concurrently. Some of the upcoming updates to the public chain included multi-signature, BFT consensus mechanism, and anonymous transactions.

Zhao also responded to some of the criticism Tron has faced since the launch of its mainnet. Most notably, Zhao reiterated the suggestion that Tron was cheaper, faster, and more developer friendly than Ethereum. When asked how Tron could claim that it was “more developer friendly” than Ethereum when it just has 18 dApps its blockchain compared to 2000 on that of Ethereum , Zhao simply said that “ETH has been in the game for 4 years, whereas Tron just started 2 months ago”. He added that the launch of Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) will bring in a stampede of dApps that will put Tron at the top of the totem pole.

In true Tron fashion, Zhao boasted of Tron’s superiority over other blockchains as well. He said: “as far as I know, Tron is the only public chain without any post-launch problems. I don’t know why [Vitalik Buterin] said there are many vulnerabilities in Tron. In comparison, ETH, BTS, and EOS had block generation problems when they were first launched.”

You can watch the interview here:

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