Dr. Doom isn't as impartial as he likes to think...

12 Oct, 2018
by Will Heasman
Dr. Doom isn't as impartial as he likes to think...

Dr. Noreil Roubnini, gave a testimony to the US Senate yesterday, but it appears he may have left out a critical conflict of interest…

Yesterday the crypto space witnessed one of the most vitriolic and public attacks on its fundamentals there has ever been, when the aptly named, Dr. Doom (AKA Nouriel Roubini) gave a testimony on crypto during a hearing of the US Senate committee on banking.

Before starting, Roubini qualified his tirade with the following statement:

“Unlike all self-interested crypto insiders and scammers… I have zero long or short position in any coin or crypto-currency and any blockchain business venture.”.

This may be true, but what Roubini conveniently left out was his (likely numerous) positions in banks. Trustnodes reports that Roubini’s net worth of $17 million has come solely from the consultancy fees he’s charged various financial institutions for the privilege of his insight.

Furthermore, Dr. Doom’s curriculum vitae includes notable institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Federal Reserve, World Bank, and Bank of Israel; along with this, the world economic forum cites him as being a consultant to “private institutions” but doesn’t divulge which ones.

The problem with this is that it doesn’t make him a credibly independent or impartial judge when it comes to crypto, and certainly not someone eligible to testify to the US Senate on such a topic...

The vast crypto empires of  Twitter didn’t fall slient yesterday, instead coming out to challenge Roubini:

However, Roubini, clearly not one to keep his head down, fired back, with yet another tirade:

 You can watch Roubini's full testomony here.

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