Bytecoin delisted again: OKEx removes $BCN days after Binance delisting

12 Oct, 2018
by Jelmer van der Dussen
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Bytecoin delisted again: OKEx removes $BCN days after Binance delisting

Just a few days after being delisted from Binance, OKEx has announced that it will remove $BCN from its exchange as well.

In a statement released today, OKEx says that they have monitored Bytecoin and found that the project 'has been exposed to a critical technical issue that has been left unhandled'. OKEx will delist all $BCN pairs at 11AM UTC on October 12.

OKEx states users should cancel their Bytecoin orders. If BCN orders are not canceled in time, 'the order will be canceled by the system and your asset will be credited to your trading account.'

Customers with $BCN tokens on the OKEx exchange should withdrawal those before November 1. After that date, OKEx will not support withdrawals anymore.

On October 9, Binance announced the delisting of ChatCoin, Iconomi, Triggers and Bytecoin. This caused a massive sell-off. Before the Binance delisting $BCN was trading for $0,0022, now it is valued at $0,0014.

By far the biggest $BCN markets were on Binance. OKEx represents only 4% of the volume. Bytecoin is still listed on HitBTC and Poloniex.

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