Hacker returns 165 ETH to SpankChain, receives reward: 'We were lucky'

12 Oct, 2018
by Jelmer van der Dussen
Hacker returns 165 ETH to SpankChain, receives reward: 'We were lucky'

The hacker that took 165 ETH from adult industry-based cryptocurrency project SpankChain has returned the funds. SpankChain announced on Twitter that the ETH is back in their possession.

Earlier this week SpankChain confirmed that an hacker managed to breach the system last week Saturday and was able to take more than 165 ETH from a smart contract. Next to that, $4000 worth of $BOOTY was stolen.

CEO of SpankChain Ameen Soleimani managed to speak with the hacker on the phone, and according to a tweet of the project 'they sent us the private key with all the funds.' As a thank you, SpankChain transferred $5000 as a reward 'along with the 5.5 ETH they used as seed capital for the attack'.

The $4000 worth of BOOTY has also been returned to the SpankChain project, that paid $4000 to the hacker.

The confirmation of the funds being returned to the SpankChain project.

SpankChain CEO Soleimani says in a comment that they were lucky the hacker was willing to return the funds. 'This is the exception, not the norm. We get that. We're stepping up our game because the next time we won't be so lucky. 'That said, we should definitely welcome the more reasonable members of the hacker community and thank them for showing us where we are weak', Soleimani concludes.

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