20 percent of all new hedge funds are crypto-based

11 Oct, 2018
by David Robb
20 percent of all new hedge funds are crypto-based

A recent report from Crypto Fund Research, shared by Coindesk, shows that around 20 percent of all new hedge funds in 2018 were crypto hedge funds. This is a significant increase from previous years.

According to Crypto Fund Research founder Joshua Gnaizda, "In the midst of 2018's decline in traditional hedge fund launches, crypto hedge funds are a notable aberration". 

There were 90 new crypto hedge funds so far, and the figure is expected to rise to 120 by the end of the year. Last year, 16 percent of hedge funds were based on cryptocurrencies, and the figure for 2016 was less than 3 percent.

In total, there are currently 622 crypto funds across all categories. 303 of these are crypto hedge funds, and they represent assets of less than $4 billion. 

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