Binance back to being the good guys, list $RVN community coin for free

11 Oct, 2018
by Ryan Boltman
Binance back to being the good guys, list $RVN community coin for free

Binance has announced their first listing following their mass delisting earlier this week which saw the culling of $TRIG, $ICN, $CHAT & $BCN, which was listed for a mere five months on the exchange. 

While Binance users reacted with mixed feelings to the delistings, the newest listing has seen much more praise following the twitter announcement from Binance CEO CZ: 

CZ tweeted "Back to listing. Ravencoin, no ICO, community project, humble people, no listing fee."

RavenCoin is currently listed on several exchanges including its Bittrex and Upbit where it gets over 90% of its $2.2m trading volume. 

The news will have plenty excited about the project joining the biggest crypto exchange in the world. 

Following the news, $RVN, which was down over 4% for the day, saw a dramatic jump to over 25%. 

Image from Gyazo

Raven fans will certainly be thrilled about the project being listed. $RVN can now be deposited on Binance and officially trading on $BNB and $BTC pairs will begin tomorrow 2018/10/12 04:00 AM (UTC).

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