Gamers raise over $30,000 for Syria by mining ETH

03 May, 2018
by Conor Maloney
Gamers raise over $30,000 for Syria by mining ETH

A charity called UNICEF Game Chaingers has raised 84 Ether tokens to provide aid for war-torn Syria by taking advantage of the powerful computers used by pro gamers and enthusiasts.

League of Legends professionals agreed to mine the currency for charity, simply leaving their computers run after theri daily 5 hour training regimen. The movement gained some traction after being reported about in Forbes in February, when only $1000 had been raised. 

BBC recently reported that the charity has now raised 26,000 euros or $31,000 worth of Ethereum which has been cashed out and sent to help with the relief effort. The fundraising method was not without critics, with blockchain author David Gerard condeming it as highly wasteful both in terms of energy consumption and "e-waste" produced by worn out graphics cards.

UNICEF has continued to explore the method, with the Unicef Australia homepage now enabling any visitors to donate processing power to mine Ethereum for their various causes. 

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