New Google ad derides crypto as "not real"

11 Oct, 2018
by David Borman
New Google ad derides crypto as not real

Though clearly in jest, a new ad from Google showcasing the Call Screen feature takes aim at cryptocurrency as a punchline to one of its gags.

The ad shows Dulcé Sloan and Ronny Chieng (from The Daily Show) trying to show off the new Call Screen feature that lets Google assistant answer calls for you. One of the calls is from the electric company, prompting Chieng to say, "cryptocurrency mining takes a lot of energy." This receives a derisive "Cryptocurrency? That money's not real," from Sloan.

The whole thing is a cute little back and forth, and in truth the fact that people are talking about cryptocurrency at all is a big step forward from 18 months ago. Here's hoping the next time it is mentioned in an ad it is in a positive light.

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