Digital currency payment gateway Uphold announces new lending platform

10 Oct, 2018
Digital currency payment gateway Uphold announces new lending platform

Uphold has just announced the new lending and borrowing platform that will be launching on the site come November 2018.

Following their announcement, Uphold who are a trusted, low cost and easy to use digital money platform that recently has moved into cryptocurrencies, will be moving into the lending and borrowing space for digital assets. 

Uphold called the news " a revolution in the earning power and utility of your digital assets held at Uphold."

Uphold earn will allow users to access a yield of 2-5% on their digital assets while borrowers will get a flexible credit at interest rates as low as 9%. 

Uphold will be launching their new app in November 2018 which will see the "world's first non-term Crypto Line of Credit" Uphold will be focusing on $ETH and $BTC but will be looking to add $XRP soon.

Participants who register before the end of Wednesday 31st October will also get an additional 1% off the interest on any loan and 1% higher yield on digital deposits. 

Uphold are also launching their own stable coin called Universal Dollar ($UPUSD) and are currently running a giveaway of $500k in $UPUSD. 

UPhold also announced they are launching their physical and virtual debit cards soon. The waiting list will be turned into a "dynamic leaderboard rewarding early referral, community participation and transactional activity"

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