Vitalik Buterin discusses "ETH 2.0," coming next year

09 Oct, 2018
by David Borman
Vitalik Buterin discusses ETH 2.0, coming next year

Speaking at ETH San Francisco recently, Vitalik Buterin was asked to discuss the future of Ethereum and what "ETH 2.0" really will look like. Buterin explains that it is a "catch all" term for all the improvements coming to Ethereum in the next year.

The major changes expected for Ethereum include transferring to the Proof of Stake algorithm, implementing sharding, and a change in the nature of the Ethereum Virtual Machine. All of this along with a variety of smaller tweaks to make the Ethereum blockchain into "what we believe is the best possible design for a general purpose blockchain..."

Buterin goes on to discuss the research side of things and how he feels that great strides have been made to the point where there aren't really any major theoretical problems left. Only details, implementation and security verification.

He then explains how he feels development on Ethereum 2.0 is progressing faster than it did when 1.0 was being implemented. He fully expects testnets to be coming along "very soon," and with proper auditing and testing it should lead to a mainnet release, although the exact timeframe is still vague.

This is certainly exciting news. Ethereum 2.0 just could be the shot in the arm the crypto community needs right now. Stay tuned to Chepicap for any and all developments!

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