Vlad Zamfir, Ethereum developer announces his vision on governing blockchain

09 Oct, 2018
by Colin Hawkins
Vlad Zamfir, Ethereum developer announces his vision on governing blockchain

In an article titled, My Intentions for Blockchain Governance, written by Vlad Zamfir, the Ethereum developer goes on to provide details on what his idea of blockchain governance should be and the expected outcomes.

Some of the outcomes outlined in Zamfirs article that should be avoided in blockchain included autonomizing it, capture of blockchain governance, and internet censorship as blockchain governance. Without avoidance of these outcomes they will lead to the corruption of Blockchain as it was originally intended, a public utility platform, according to Zamfir.

Ethics and decentralisation are independent, according to Zamfir. Going towards decentralisation would be filled with danger. “Treating blockchain governance as a centralised software platform is a social obligation,” Zamfir states. “It will take a centralised governance approach to reverse the harm that a decentralised approach would cause,” Zamfir also states in his article. In his opinion, autonomous blockchain should be actively resisted because of this.

On the topic of internet censorship as blockchain governance, Zamfir sees censorship being inevitable as an outcome of autonomous blockchain. He believes that to avoid this, blockchain should be governed by global cooperation between self selecting members from the global public.

The proposed governance framework would follow blockchain according to international laws. This follows Zamfirs vision to make blockchain a global public utility platform that is outside private control, prioritizing public interest.

Zamfir’s idea of the future includes an accessible system of blockchain governance that can be achieved through tech and coding responsibility among a group effort creating blockchain platforms.

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