Car fully bought in Dash tokens- will Dash conquer mainstream crypto?

08 Oct, 2018
by Arthur Sillers
Car fully bought in Dash tokens- will Dash conquer mainstream crypto?

Forbes reported today that a car was bought entirely in Dash today for the first time, a significant milestone for the cryptocurrency which is seeing movement towards mainstream use.

Dash is seeing some significant steps towards mainstream adoption, with over 3,000 businesses reportedly now accepting Dash as payment.

All of this supports Dash’s CEO’s statements  which minimized the necessity of Wall Street accepting crypto for its proliferation as a payment platform.

A car is a notably tangible purchase, as well as a large purchase at the level of consumer, indicating increasing customer trust and merchant acceptance of Dash, and other cryptocurrencies, as viable payment methods.

The car dealership is also of note because it is in New Hampshire, which put into law a bill that offers protections around cryptocurrencies which exempted them from regulations which normally apply to similar payment and money transfer services last June, marking it as an exceptionally crypto-friendly state in the US, which appears to be working to center crypto acceptance there.

Dash is seeing steadily growing adoption among merchants in the US and in other countries, especially Venezuala. This puts the DASH token in a good position to become one of the most viably usable coins for peer-to-peer transactions if it can continue the trend.

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