Manny Pacquiao to promote new crypto, PAC Coin

07 Oct, 2018
by David Robb
Manny Pacquiao to promote new crypto, PAC Coin

Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao is to be the latest figure from the sporting world to get involved with crypto. He will be promoting his new PAC Coin crypto token at the upcoming Blockchain Fair Asia.

The event will be held in Manila, which is the capital city of the boxer's country of origin, the Philippines. Cryptocurrency regulations have recently become more supportive of innovation in the Philippines than in many other nations around the world. Pacquiao is currently serving on the Filipino Senate, after leaving his post at the House of Representatives in 2016. 

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The PAC coin will be supported by the Global Crypto Offering Exchange, a company that Pacquiao has invested in. GCOX describes itself as "the world’s first platform on which celebrities can tokenise their popularity through creating, listing, and trading their own celebrity tokens". A number of other high-profile investors have pledged their support for GCOX, including ex-England football player Michael Owen.

GCOX offers a number of social platforms including Celeb-Connect, Celebreneur, and Celeb-Charity. The platform is built on its own Acclaim token.

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