takes things further by deleting forum linking to

14 May, 2018
by Conor Maloney
News takes things further by deleting forum linking to

After making headlines for deleting as one of the bitcoin resources on the website, has finished things off by deleting forum 2 on their Bitcoin page. is among the top 200 most popular websites in the world with an Alexa rating of 158. Many new potential investors discover it in their search to learn more about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, making it a hugely influential resource. run by Roger Ver has been accused of deliberately misleading customers over the Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash conflict in which both currencies claim to be the "real" Bitcoin after a 2017 fork split the currency in two.

Roger Ver came under fire recently for's labelling of BCH as Bitcoin and BTC as Bitcoin Core, which along with a long-standing pro-BCH narrative caused many to view the labelling as a deliberate action as opposed to an unintentional error, leading to the website to be reported to the FBI for fraud.

BCH advocates larger block sizes for faster transactions which critics say may put more power in the hands of the few, like Ver himself, while supporters feel their fork is closer to the true vision of the Bitcoin inventor, Satoshi Nakomoto.


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