This speech by Joseph Muscat proves that Malta is truly leading the way

06 Oct, 2018
by Will Heasman
This speech by Joseph Muscat proves that Malta is truly leading the way

The Prime minister of Malta, Joesph Muscat, spoke at the Delta summit in Malta, spreading the good word of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The speech was a rousing address on the future of blockchain; an abundance of praise towards the technology, along with pride for pioneering it. Muscat talks of Malta’s race to spearhead the technology before any other nation, with the only caveat being that he refuses to sacrifice quality over expediency, as the Prime minister put it: “choosing between being first and being best, we will always opt for the latter”.

Muscat focused specifically the need for “sensible, business-friendly and consumer-centric” regulation, adding that Malta intends on leading the way in this regard, with a “best in class” regulatory framework being next on the country’s agenda.

The prime minister also spoke of improving blockchain via AI integration; adding that a combination of these technologies will bring about the demise of business models based on centralized data, bringing with it a new found freedom and control for individuals:

“We are witnessing the birth of a system that can democratize technology.”  Muscat said.

It is this forward thinking competitiveness, coupled with dedication towards much needed regulatory clarity that marks Malta as a leader in blockchain and crypto, it’s also the reason why many companies are flocking to set up shop on the island.

Binance, is perhaps the best example of this, setting up operations in Malta after becoming convinced of the country’s commitment to blockchain start-ups. More recently the exchange teamed up with Malta’s stock exchange to enable security token trading.

If this doesn’t make you want to up sticks and move to Malta, I’m not sure what will…   

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