KIN still on the run rising 70% in 24 hours, Bitcoin back under $8400

14 May, 2018
by Jelmer van der Dussen
KIN still on the run rising 70% in 24 hours, Bitcoin back under $8400

With Concensus starting this Monday, Bitcoin has been undecisive on the market the last few days. After breaking out of the $8400 zone towards $8600, the value of Bitcoin is now back at $8367 at the time of writing.

The only green in the top 10 currently is from Ethereum (2,3%), Ripple (3,35%), and TRON (3,33%). The other big players are relatively stable in price or see small loses, ranging from 1 to 3 percent.

Ranked now as number 72 on Coinmarketcap, Kin is still on the run since it started its rise on Sunday. Now the project is a staggering 70% up in price, trading for $0,000327 with a marketcap of almost 250 million USD. Although it is not yet clear why KIN is seeing its price increase so dramatically, this Reddit user tries to sum it up:

FAQ: Why pump? Why price increase? What news? from r/KinFoundation

After the saga of last week, Bytecoin is also back on the rise gaining 23,5% in value, now trading for $0,011. NULS is on the run as well with a 24 percent rise. The worst performer of the top 100 is Mithril, losing 17% of its value.

The current market cap of the crypto space is 387 billion USD.

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