The Tron network launches its very first game

02 Oct, 2018
by Will Heasman
The Tron network launches its very first game

This is the first blockchain game to be released on the Tron network.

CEO of Tron, Justin Sun, unveiled the game -  titled: ‘Magic Academy’ – on Twitter.

Created by Bitguild, a blockchain gaming company, Magic academy is the worlds first blockchain game based on Tron.

The game allows players to buy wizards and upgrades to increase the production rate of the game's currency – Jade. Jade is quite literally its own TRC20 token, giving further incentivization to upgrade the rate production within the game. Players can also purchase and upgrade Warriors, which can then be used to battle other players and ransack them for their Jade.

 Rare items are also available and come in the form of TRC721 tokens, these can be bought in Tron (TRX).

Since its creation, Bitguild’s mission has been to redefine gaming, especially when it comes to user ownership. Many of their creations are based around the idea of users truly being able to buy, sell, and trade items within their games.  

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