McAfee Alliance announces daily promotion, highlights Apollo

01 Oct, 2018
by Arthur Sillers
McAfee Alliance announces daily promotion, highlights Apollo

John McAfee took to Twitter to announce that Team McAfee is deploying an effort to combat corruption in the cryptosphere.

McAfee, with his McAfee Alliance, planning to highlight coins daily which he believes push forward good ethics and show demonstrable progress in fighting corruption, and offering them guaranteed listing on CoinBene.

0he inaugural coin being highlighted is Apollo, which has voluntarily delisted from HitBTC following the reputation of fraud plaguing the exchange.

McAfee prefers his coins private, and prefers his exchanges decentralized, so his support of Apollo’s move is unsurprising. McAfee says he will continue this practice of highlighting a crypto project daily which actively moves against corruption in the cryptospace.

The McAfee Alliance is a group of cryptocoins which are volunteer to be vetted by McAfee, apparently in exchange for promotion by him.

Coinbene is a growing Chinese crypto exchange which has recently shown itself an ally of McAfee’s which share his vision of cryptocurrency freed from banks and governments.

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