African startup Wala is teaming with Ugandan government to deliver clean energy

01 Oct, 2018
by David Borman
African startup Wala is teaming with Ugandan government to deliver clean energy

TechCrunch is reporting today that Wala, a South African startup that facilitates zero-fee transactions, is partnering with CleanPath Emerging Markets Uganda (CPEM) as well as the Ugandan government in order to bring clean, cheap solar energy to the nation.

The Wala platform was launched in May and uses the $DALA as its token. It uses the Ethereum network to power its wallet and Stellar to do transactions. To date, over 100,000 $DALA wallets have been opened and over 2.5 million transactions have occurred.

This new system will see Ugandans able to purchase solar energy from CPEM using the $DALA as a payment method. The program will also be paying its workers in $DALA, as this is an attempt to revolutionize how Uganda's energy economy will work. Tricia Martinez, CEO at Wala, is quoted by TechCrunch:

“The numbers we’ve seen since the launch of $DALA have been staggering, and a large portion of our current users are Ugandan, so this partnership is a natural next step to allow users the opportunity to further benefit from using $DALA. The high level of user traffic also shows us that Ugandans are ready to use crypto assets in their day-to-day transactions.”

This looks to be a wonderful step for Uganda and provides a solid use case for crypto helping to facilitate cleaner and more accessible energy in the future. Stay tuned right here at Chepicap for updates!

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