Travel to the 10 most crypto friendly cities in the world

01 Oct, 2018
by Joeri Cant
Travel to the 10 most crypto friendly cities in the world

How about creating a new travel bucketlist and organize a citytrip to one of the 10 most cryptocurrency friendly cities in the world? Thanks to, we can now pack our bags (full of crypto) and travel to 10 cities that will gladly accept our hard earned cryptocurrencies.

In order to determine which city would make the top 10,, focused on criteria such as the number of crypto ATMs, how many merchants will accept crypto, the environment for crypto startups, and local legislation in regards to cryptocurrency.

Lets hop on board and travel with me to some of these amazing crypto friendly cities.

Hong Kong finds itself on spot number 10

Even though Hong Kong claimed that Bitcoin was not a legal tender, cryptocurrency is still legal as a form of payment and many retailers in the city will accept your cryptocurrencies. A possible reason why it finds itself at the bottom of the list could be that Binance has decided to leave for Malta. Loosing Binance is never a good thing.

Amsterdam takes the 9th place

Considered to be one of the best cities for tech startups in Europe, many crypto startups and ICOs have been launched in Amsterdam. You can find more than 40 merchants in Amsterdam that accept Bitcoin, and the city has plenty of crypto ATMs.

They have a  Bitcoin Embassy and a street, where most merchants accept Bitcoin, called (drum roll) 'Bitcoin Boulevard'. Come on, how cool is that?

Singapore, Malaysia, comes in at number 8, followed closely by the number 7, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Both beautiful cities, where you can find many opportunities to spend your crypto. In Slovenia you can just walk into the world's first Bitcoin-friendly mall, 'Bitcoin City' and go crazy spending your virtual coins.

At number 6 we find Buenos Aires, the capital and largest city in Argentina.

This crypto friendly city became this way more out of necessity. Just a couple of years ago, the country plunged into a recession from which they haven't yet fully recovered. However, if you have bitcoin to spend, then go to one of the 120 enterprises that operate through use Bitcoin. Don't be shy, help boost their economy.

Number 5: Jacksonville, Florida

With a population of near 800,000 people, Jacksonville , Florida has a nice round number of 20 cryptocurrency ATMs. Not too shabby! Even more impressive is the fact that Jacksonville ranks highest in cryptocurrency holdings per person. Apparently, the average cryptocurrency holding per Jacksonville resident stands at more than $31,000. This city goes on my bucket list for sure.

At number four we have ... Toronto, Canada

The home of Vitalik Buterin, ... do we need to say more?

Yes, of course we do. Toronto is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world with a booming cryptocurrency community, where you can find more than 200 crypto ATMs across the city! Probably no other city can match this number.

Zug, a small city in Switzerland, proudly takes the third place and the bronze medal

Considered to be one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world. The city became the first city to accept Bitcoin as payment for taxes, and therefor earned the nickname 'Crypto Valley'. 

The silver medal goes to New York, New York

This city has over 100 merchants that accept Bitcoin and more than 150 crypto ATMs. Many crypto startups found their beginnings in New York, and the city even has its own coin, named the 'New York Coin' ... Maybe not the most creative name for a virtual coin, but it does the trick nevertheless.

And the gold goes to ... San Francisco, California

San Francisco takes the top spot on the list of most crypto friendly cities. The city has established its reputation of being a global tech hub. With a population of around 870,000, it can showcase a respectable number of 60 crypto ATMs around the city and more than 100 retailers that accept cryptocurrency.

And of course, Coinbase, is based in San Francisco.

What do you think about this top 10? Let us know in the comments below!

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