on 'EOS collusion': 'May vote with other holders to reinforce integrity'

01 Oct, 2018
by Jelmer van der Dussen
News on 'EOS collusion': 'May vote with other holders to reinforce integrity', the creator of the EOS blockchain, has published a statement following reports from China that there was a collusion between EOS block producers and that the network is more centralized than assumed.

According to the reports, Huobi and other block producers voted for each other to secure their BP position. Next to that, Huobi 'openly voted for a few block producer candidates in exchange for EOS returns'. Huobi voted for three different block producers in exchange for '170, 150 and 50% of the returns'.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin replied to the allegations stating that 'it was completely predictable, but I did not expect it to happen so thoroughly and soon'.

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Now, that gave the EOS code to the community earlier this year following a record-breaking $4 billion ICO, states that 'we are aware of some unverified claims regarding irregular block producer voting, and the subsequent denials of those claims.'

'We believe it is important to ensure a free and democratic election process within EOS and may, as we deem appropriate, vote with other holders to reinforce the integrity of this process', CEO of Brendan Blumer states. 'We continue working on our potential involvement with the goal of empowering the intent of the greater community through a transparent process that incorporates community feedback.' adds that 'as we go forward and continue to improve the EOSIO open source code, we extensively think about the future of decentralized governance and are committed to continually pushing thought leadership on optimal design. We remain very optimistic about the future of the EOS public blockchain and see its rapid adoption as evidence of success in delivering a free, high performance, decentralized infrastructure for next generation internet applications.', the company behind EOS, was a recipient of 10% of the initial EOS token allocation. First didn't want to participate in the voting, but in July the company got involved in the voting process after all

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