Monero launches website to combat malware

01 Oct, 2018
by Arthur Sillers
Monero launches website to combat malware

Monero published a blog post which announced a new effort to combat malicious use of Monero’s XMR token in malware and cryptojacking applications.

The director of the effort, Justin Ehrenhofer, talking to CCN points to two design features which which make Monero an attractive platform for malware- the fact that it is a private network, and the fact that it is designed so that CPU’s and GPU’s, the target of cryptojacking attacks, can remain competitive in mining XMR.

Monero’s announcement points out that these features are used for productive ends, like websites which allow a visitor to opt-in to mine instead of seeing ads, but the fact is that Monero cryptojacking scams are rampant.

In response, Monero is launching the Monero Malware Response Workgroup Website, which is comprised of ‘a self-organized set of volunteers’ which provide support for users to combat suspected or discovered Malware. The goal is to provide resources and live tech support for users to prevent Malware, as well as remedies for eliminating it from systems already infected.

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