These blockchain and crypto firms are to watch for in 2019

30 Sep, 2018
by Fifi Arisandi
These blockchain and crypto firms are to watch for in 2019

2018 will end in 3 months, which blockchain and crypto companies are expected to rise in 2019?

With the new year coming in 3 months, have you had any ideas already on what projects to follow or invest in in 2019? If you haven’t, Forbes’ list of blockchain and cryptocurrency companies to watch for in 2019 might help you out.

- Qtum

Having just being listed by several major exchanges, such as Kraken and Poloniex, Qtum’s popularity is on the rise these days. The company managed to achieve several milestones this year, such as releasing the x86 virtual machine that makes them a strong Ethereum platform contender, encoding segwit that will allow interoperability with the Lightning Network by default, while also having an integration with Amazon to provide a smart contract development platform on AWS.

In 2019, Qtum plans to launch QtumX, which is expected to boost more adoption of blockchain as big companies can use optimized smart contract automation.


The company has successfully reached several major milestones this year, such as their acquisition of BitTorrent and their ProjectAtlas. The founder, Justin Sun, is also actively giving teasers on the upcoming updates to the network to keep the momentum and the community’s excitement going.

- Aelf

Aims to make blockchain technology more accessible to businesses that handle large volumes of data, Aelf has proven itself to exceed ETH and BTC in its capability by handling 15,000 transactions per second (TPS). 2019 looks promising to Aelf as the two of the biggest names in crypto are still struggling to manage double-figures TPS.

- Veridium

With their recent agreement with the giant tech company, IBM, Veridium definitely won’t go anywhere in 2019. The project itself is very interesting as the company provide tokenized carbon offset solution to enterprises, while also eliminating the carbon emissions related to the blockchain industry.

- Caspian

Caspian provides a renewed trading platform that provides more complex tools, such as asset allocation and rebalancing tools, order execution management, and connectivity with major exchanges along with a dashboard where investors can build and control their fund easily. With many exchanges in the market, advanced features definitely can be a crucial key differentiator that attracts investors in 2019. 

- Devery

Powered by blockchain, Devery provides transparency for commercial markets on the authentication and provenance of the products. I mean, who doesn't want to know if the products they purchase with the so-called discounts are real or just counterfeit?

- MediBloc

MediBloc platform empowers their users to have full control over their health information, by providing full ownership to them. Patients can now choose to personalize their health information or to share them and gain income from it.

- Cardstack

Cardstack provides a different approach to blockchain technology, which everyone is trying to implement in their businesses. Representing decentralized apps or platforms as cards, non-tech users can create their own business flows according to their needs. The future looks promising for Cardstack as more people find out the “superpower” that blockchain has.


Who doesn’t want the ability to attend sport events and watch live music concerts virtually? The answer is no one. That’s why, the future looks great for CEEK as they provide the platform to perform blockchain and crypto transactions in return of “real” virtual experiences.

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