Coinomi sends cease & desist letter to Gulden post their response to the delisting

30 Sep, 2018
by Fifi Arisandi
Coinomi sends cease & desist letter to Gulden post their response to the delisting

Gulden responds to Coinomi’s delisting announcement, followed by Coinomi’s feedback by sending a cease and desist letter to Gulden.

Following the delisting announcement from Coinomi wallet reported by Chepicap just days ago, Gulden posted an official announcement on their website clarifying the statement of giving “hostile and unhelpful” comments on their Github to Coinomi’s request of assistance.

On Coinomi's messages on GitHub, Gulden said to have asked them to use their official support channels, instead of posting messages on their GitHub issue tracker, considering the nature of the request, which showed the need for assistance for technical issues.

However, since Coinomi kept on posting messages on the GitHub issue tracker, Gulden responded with a “slightly harsh” wording, decided to close the issue and marked them as off-topic, which they claimed as a “reasonably standard behavior” on the technical issue tracker to users who disregard their requests.

Furthermore, Gulden also considered the messages posted by Coinomi as “a demand for specific changes” rather than a request of assistance, as stated by Coinomi in the delisting announcement.

Following the action, Gulden’s CEO contacted Coinomi via phone asking the wallet to remove Gulden from their platform. Some of their considerations are the refusal to communicate via the appropriate channels, Coinomi’s lack of efforts to integrate to Gulden’s community that shows no interest in the token, and the unlikelihood of the wallet platform to support Gulden phase 4, which is compulsory to make it work well in their wallet platform in the future.

Gulden stated that Coinomi has misinterpreted their responses and “spinned” the narrative behind the removal, thus they decided to counter the statement and included the email communication between the CEO and Coinomi, which showed Coinomi’s request of 1 BTC if Gulden wants the delisting to be done within 1 day.

Gulden implied that they wouldn’t bother to clarify, had the delisting announcement acted as a "normal" one or mentioning a statement, such as “We are removing Gulden because they asked us too”.

Following Gulden’s clarification, Coinomi sent a letter, dated September 28th, stating that the company has suffered “substantial reputational and economic harm as a result of the defamatory and false statements” made by Gulden against them.

Thus, they decided to proceed with legal action, unless Gulden agreed to fulfill their demands provide notification in writing after they’re completed.

Some of their demands include removal of all defamatory and false statements & content from Gulden’s website and other publications, such as Twitter, forum, etc. and removal of the warning against Coinomi from the download page of Gulden’s website.

As of reporting time, Gulden has removed the phrase “At this point Coinomi took it upon themselves to attempt to extort us for a removal fee. Upon refusing this fee; a rather unprofessional tweet/post went up from Coinomi” from the clarification post and even stated that they retracted the word “extortion” and apologized for using it previously.

The team has also changed their “warning” against Coinomi on their download page into “Never use third party wallets!”

Despite their decision not to work with each other again in the future, it seems like the feud can end peacefully with both parties show good intentions to resolve the misinterpretation and miscommunication.

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