Bluzelle announce partnership with Phantasma

29 Sep, 2018
Bluzelle announce partnership with Phantasma

Bluzelle have announced a new partnership with next generation content distribution project, Phantasma.

In the announcement, Bluzelle announced the partnership with Phantasma Chain. The partnership looks to create a new data economy that gives individuals the ownership and control of their own data and content by sharing and monetizing dat through dApps that are built on the Phantasma blockchain. The data will be stored on Bluzelle's decentralized database. 

The combination of the two technologies will allow developers to operate with a full set of tools for data storage and management, with high security and scalability. 

Co-Founder of Phantasma, Alexandre Paixao commented  on the partnership saying “We are very happy with this partnership, Bluzelle is an amazing company that is truly moving the blockchain industry forward and has the same mindset towards the technology as we do”.

“Our partnership with Phantasma is an important milestone for Bluzelle. It is important for Bluzelle’s database to be available to the developers of dApps who have strong dynamic data storage needs. This is particularly vital with the EU’s GDPR regulations, and its world-wide applicability. Phantasma is the perfect example of a collaboration that will bring Bluzelle’s database technologies to dApp developers and something we are very excited about,” Neeraj Murarka, co-founder and CTO of Bluzelle commented.

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