NEM partners with Liven: XEM will soon be used to pay for meals in Australia

27 Sep, 2018
by Matthew Kim
NEM partners with Liven: XEM will soon be used to pay for meals in Australia

People will soon be able to use NEM tokens ($XEM) to pay for their meals at more than 1000 restaurants in Australia. Startup Liven announced its decision to integrate NEM blockchain technology into their dining rewards-based payment app.

XEM will be the first token to be paired with LiveCoin ($LVN) on the Liven payment app, allowing users to pay for meals on any restaurant on Liven’s payment network. Currently, Liven is capable of handling 300,000 users handling their payments at bars and restaurants on their network. Liven states that users of the app will be rewarded 10-30 percent of their bills, which they can choose to spend in the future or donate to charity.

NEM was the perfect blockchain to initiate the Liven network because of its simplicity and efficiency. NEM is known for their easy integration, and it also allows for secure and transparent transactions. Liven will use NEM’s Apostille function, which is a timestamp functionality that will allow for notarization analytics.

Liven also plans to use NEM’s vast reach to expand globally in the future. William Wong, Co-founder of Liven, stated that NEM will provide Liven with the “starting ground to build a world-class infrastructure as [Liven] branch[es] out globally”. Furthermore, Liven also plans to extend past dining and into “travel, lifestyle services, and retail”. Wong hopes that NEM’s presence in 40 different countries will propel Liven to its lofty aspirations.

Jason Lee, the Expansion Director for NEM foundation in Australia and New Zealand, echoed hope for a bright future in the partnership:

“We are looking forward to work with Liven in providing support from the countries in which we operate in and explore further opportunities to strengthen the collaboration between Liven and NEM. This partnership is two-fold: first, allowing XEM to be paired with LVN through its platform would enable our community to interact with Liven’s ecosystem. Second, Liven using the NEM blockchain is proof that there is area to develop real-world use cases to support business growth, especially in making better business decisions. We are already exploring other opportunities to integrate NEM blockchain technologies with Liven and will look forward to working with them continuously.”

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