Scrabble fans: You can now play the word 'Bitcoin' (for 11 points)

25 Sep, 2018
by David Robb
Scrabble fans: You can now play the word 'Bitcoin' (for 11 points)

New changes to the official rules of Scrabble could be exciting for the crypto community. Along with a number of other modern words, 'Bitcoin' is now a legally playable word.

The Merriam-Webster Official Scrabble Players' Dictionary is updated yearly, and usually sees the addition of some new trendy words that reflect the changes in language, as our vocabulary continues to expand. 

This year is no different, with the words 'twerk', 'facepalm, and 'sheeple' all now allowed in the game, amongst others. The addition of 'Bitcoin' shows how much impact that the world's largest cryptocurrency is having, although at 11 points the word itself probably won't have a huge impact on your score.

What's interesting here is that 'Bitcoin' is no longer considered a proper noun, like brand names usually are. This could reflect the fact that many people now consider it an established currency, like the Pound or the Dollar. Alternatively, many outside the crypto community might think of Bitcoin as a synonym for crypto, like in the case of 'vacuum cleaner'/'Hoover' or, more recently, the verb 'to Google'.

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