Beauty app partners with Kik to bring crypto to 92 million women

23 Sep, 2018
by Richard Allen
Beauty app partners with Kik to bring crypto to 92 million women

Perfect365, an AR-powered vanity platform which has an impressive 100 million users has embraced blockchain and cryptocurrencies as a means to reward its (mostly female) customers, The Hard Fork reports.

Users will now be able to earn Kin (the cryptocurrency developed by messaging giant Kik) by completing surveys on Perfect365. Other tasks that generate tokens like creating and sharing makeup looks will be coming soon. Users will then be able to spend their tokens on a growing number of Kin-enabled apps.

Men have traditionally made up the majority of cryptocurrency consumers, and women’s lack of inclusivity in the industry has been notable. However, with an audience of 92% women, Perfect365’s integration with kin may be the first step towards a greater female adoption.

“The Kin Ecosystem continues expanding across exciting categories of consumer apps, and integrating Kin into Perfect365 allows us to introduce cryptocurrency to an untapped demographic,” Dany Fishel, Kik president said. Sean Mao, Perfect365 CEO added, “As the first AR beauty platform to introduce Kin’s cryptocurrency, we are bringing more value to our audience in allowing them to become active in the new economy of the future.”

There is a quite a hefty limit on the number of tokens a user can earn a day. Kin has stated that Perfect365 users will only be able to complete “up to four surveys daily,” with each one offering between 20 and 30 KIN. That’s currently valued at less than one cent. This limitation casts some doubt over the efficacy of the program, but it’s still early days.

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