New restaurant lets users buy food with Bitcoin's lightning network

23 Sep, 2018
by David Borman
New restaurant lets users buy food with Bitcoin's lightning network

A video recently posted on Youtube by Michael Hill highlights the new company Energy Kitchen, located in Bern, Switzerland, which is allowing patrons to purchase food using Bitcoin's Lightning Network. This is part of a wave of new locations beginning to embrace LN for fast and cheap transactions, bringing to light Bitcoin's use as a currency.

In the video, Michael Hill shows the viewer how simple it can be to purchase food using the Lightning Network. Patrons simply choose what they want and scan the appropriate QR code with a LN enabled wallet. Then they just go inside and pick up their order. According to Hill, the food is pretty good too.

This is an exciting step forward for LN. It is not the first location to employ this technology, but it is part of the first wave. Hopefully as LN becomes more accessible to users, more widespread support will proliferate.

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