IBM files for patent for blockchain-based drones data management

22 Sep, 2018
by Fifi Arisandi
IBM files for patent for blockchain-based drones data management

IBM files for a patent in drones data storage backed by blockchain technology. 

IBM continues its move towards becoming the leading company in the blockchain industry with another patent request filed to the US Patent and Trademark Office. Titled "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Data Management", the tech company seeks to patent the use of blockchain technology to secure data from drones or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). 

The data that will be managed using blockchain includes info of the drone’s location, its manufacturer, model, flying behavior, model’s capabilities, such as camera resolution, contextual information, such as weather condition, and the proximity of the vehicle to the restricted and forbidden flight zones, as reported by BTCNN.

The use of smart contracts is also mentioned in the patent file as the "interface" of the blockchain-based system. 

The giant tech company is taking blockchain technology very seriously, which can be seen from the company's dedication towards various blockchain projects. That said, some analysts still doubt of the company's success in the nascent technology, despite the renowned names in various industries that have become their clients, as previously reported by Chepicap

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