NEO's Da Hongfei: "Probably need a hard fork or new Genesis block for NEO 3.0"

21 Sep, 2018
by Jelmer van der Dussen
NEO's Da Hongfei: Probably need a hard fork or new Genesis block for NEO 3.0

NEO might need a hard fork to upgrade to NEO 3.0, founder and CEO Da Hongfei says in an interview with Bitcoin Magazine NL.

Currently NEO is actively discussing the features that will or will not be implemented in the 3.0 version. "One of the challenges is that if we want to make everything the perfect way, it will probably break compatibility with the current NEO network. We probably need a hard fork or even a new Genesis block."

"That is possible, but still under discussion. We will listen to the voice of the community and see what's best to do. Before we have a migration plan we won't do anything yet."

Da says that a hard fork, if needed, is at least a year away. "It won't affect current NEO development. If you are a smart contract developer you can still deploy your smart contract on the current network and we will help you migrate seamlessly to the new NEO network, if there is one. It's not a hard reset. It you're a developer, it won't affect you. It affects only core developers.'

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Da explains why a hard fork might be needed. "We want to refactor all the code base, we need to change some of the instructions in the virtual machine to make it more efficient. But this is only one option. It's still under discussion."

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