Charles Hoskinson comes to the defense of Ethereum Classic

20 Sep, 2018
by Joeri Cant
Charles Hoskinson comes to the defense of Ethereum Classic

During the 2018 Ethereum Classic Summit in Seoul, South Korea, Charles Hoskinson came to the defense of ETC, where he said that 'Unlike Bitcoin, which is like this 800ft long cruiseship, that is extremely time consuming and expensive to change course, ETC is still small enough for their people to actually innovate. It is a really exciting ecosystem.'

Ethereum Classic is still seen by many crytpo investors as just a copy paste version of the original Ethereum. Since it came into existence in the July 2016 fork, ETC hasn't been able to impress. However, its co-founder, Charles Hoskinson, apparently hasn't lost faith in ETC.

Back in May, Hoskinson already pointed out that he didn't leave ETC, responding to a somewhat aggresive tweet.

During the September summit in South Korea, Hoskinson went on to say that Ethereum Classic is 'just going through what Bitcoin went through immediately it hit the market.'

'It is sure going to be a fight ahead but we have to be our own guide' he said, 'the Bitcoin team was very lean and there was a lot of harmony and efficiency was in top gear.'

Hoskinson believes that ETC maintains a sizeable team in contrast to many other projects that sometimes have a huge pool of developers and communities, which has resulted in nibble growth and diplomacy that has resulted in efficiency in governance.

At the moment the team is working on implementing the Lighting Network, which is expected to improve the platform and attract more investors, however, the question will be how long this takes to implement.

For now, ETC, a coin that plans to be a leader in the Internet of Things, has failed to impress crypto investors and the team behind the project has still to deliver on its roadmap.

Currently ETC is trading at $10.80, up with 1.50% in the last 24 hours, according to

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