CryptoBridge DEX sees record trading volume over past 24 hours.

19 Sep, 2018
by Ryan Boltman
CryptoBridge DEX sees record trading volume over past 24 hours.

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, CryptoBridge announced that it has reached an all-time high in trading volume over the past 24 hours. 

CryptoBridge describes itself as a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that is in the hands of BridgeCoin ($BCO) holders. Today CryptoBridge announced that they had had managed to reach a new all-time high in trading volume on the exchange. The new volume amount which was recorded was 517 BTC, approximately $3.29 million.

CryptoBridge has risen to prominence due to the secure access to the DEX, which does not store your digital assets, but rather allows you to access the DEX through your private key. CryptoBridge is continually adding new and exciting projects to their exchange which has seen an influx of traders flock to the DEX. 

One of the more exciting reasons to make use of CryptoBridge is the fact that the DEX allows users holding the native token, $BCO, to stake their tokens and receive 75% of trading profits every two weeks. 

CryptoBridge recently completed payout #19 to $BCO stakers. The latest payout was the highest payout since the launch of the exchange. 

Image from Gyazo

 $BCO has since seen a massive jump in price with a 50% increase in price over the past week. No wonder Twitter followers are raving about this project. 

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