Civic to launch secure relationships verification system to combat fake profiles

17 Sep, 2018
Civic to launch secure relationships verification system to combat fake profiles

Civic launched in 2017 as a blockchain platform offering secured identity for everyone which enables people to take control and protect their identity. Civic is working on ID Codes, a platform to combat fake profiles and personalities on social media websites.  

ID Codes is set to enable anyone to securely verify a business, advisory or investment relationship. Something the crypto space needs, especially when it comes to verifying teams and partnerships running initial coin offerings. 

 ID Codes is powered by Civic on the blockchain and will look to create a solution to prevent  fake accounts and fraudsters from taking advantage of investment, employment, and relationship opportunities. 

ID Codes will offer decentralized secure verifications powered by Civic technology. Individuals will also be able to verify relationships by registering using an invite link from an organization for the first time. 

Organizations will also be able to prove individuals have a relationship with them with the ability to revoke te verified badge when a relationship ends. 

ID Codes by Civic looks to offer a promising product in the space, which has seen scammers and fraudsters take full advantage of not needing to verify who they are or making use of fake profiles and relationships. 

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