Sharding one step closer to being integrated into Ethereum

16 Sep, 2018
by David Borman
Sharding one step closer to being integrated into Ethereum

The Toshi Times is reporting today that long time blockchain developer Vlad Zamfir has announced that he has created a working proof of concept for implementing sharding technology on the Ethereum blockchain. Once complete, this will allow Ethereum to scale to meet the demands of a global ecosystem.

Sharding is basically the practice of breaking up the data of a database (blockchain in this case) into discreet "shards" which make it faster and more fluid to transmit and work with. This is how Ethereum proposes to scale, but until now, nobody had a working version of the code.

Apparently Zamfir coded his sharding work at the Ethereum hackathon in Berlin. He claims that working code will be available shortly:

”We’re still working on the integration but check back in a week and it should be something where we have instructions and you can follow the instructions and get it running on your computer,”

Although this is an exciting step, it will still take time to get this code implemented properly. If it does work, however, in the coming months and years we could be looking forward to a much faster Ethereum network that can finally deliver the dream of a "global computer." Stay tuned for updates!

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