Coinbase celebrates 6th anniversary and talks about 'next phase': 'Utility phase'

12 May, 2018
by Jelmer van der Dussen
Coinbase celebrates 6th anniversary and talks about 'next phase': 'Utility phase'

Coinbase today is celebrating their sixth anniversary. To celebrate their anniversary, the exchange with over 20 million customers states his mission goals and what the next phase will bring for the company.

'Mission statements can be corny, but we really believe in our goal: to create a more open financial system that is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. A more open financial system that is not controlled by any one country or company, like the internet itself', Coinbase states. 'We think this is the highest leverage way to bring about more economic freedom, innovation, efficiency and equality of opportunity in the world.'

'Over the past six years, we built a bridge between fiat and crypto by creating the easiest, most secure way for anyone to buy and sell crypto. We call this the investment phase', the exchange that started in 2012 continues. 'The next phase brings real use cases that enable people to use, earn and transact with products like Coinbase Commerce, Toshi and We call this the utility phase.'

With, people can get paid Bitcoin for replying emails and completing tasks. Toshi is a browser for the Ethereum network that provides universal access to financial services.

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