HSBC whistleblower establishes crypto startup Taboow

14 Sep, 2018
by Paula D. Baciu
HSBC whistleblower establishes crypto startup Taboow

The cryptocurrency industry fostered some of the most interesting (and wealthy) characters ever. The new personage who joins the landscape is the former computer systems analyst (turned whistleblower) at HSBC, Herve Falciani. The name of the project he works at is, of course, a taboo.

The author of the 2015-published “Earthquake on Planet Finance” told in a press release that he joins the industry because “cryptocurrencies open finance to allow it to expand and not just remain in the hands of the few.” But despite his noble motives, the 46-years old hero is also sought by the Swiss Police.

According to Bloomberg, Falciani tried to sold confidential data from his former workplace, the HSBC Swiss Headquarters. Spain and Switzerland are currently negotiating his destiny and his perspectives are really unfortunate since he might be forced to spend the next few years on the sunny beaches of Spain, having to report to the police every now and then. With regards to the data he had in hands, well, he ended up sharing it with the French authorities and it turned out that the respective information exposed tax evasion and money laundering strategies employed by some important clients of HSBC.

The project he founded, (pronounced “taboo”), aims to build a new, trustless economic ecosystem, that removes centralized political and financial bodies from the equation. Founded by the suggestively named organization, Tactical Whistleblower, Taboow will start by tackling the Big Data privacy threat, according to their own website.

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