Hacera creates system to search blockchain projects as you would websites

13 Sep, 2018
by David Borman
Hacera creates system to search blockchain projects as you would websites

With all the different projects across all the different blockchains, finding one that meets your needs, or even just seeing what is out there, can be an arduous task. Now Hacera aims to make it no more complicated than using Google, as TechCrunch reports.

The Hacera Network Registry collects information on all participating projects and organizes it into a searchable platform. Now, users can search for projects based on category, host blockchain and more.

Each project has its own profile with a variety of information on it including links for educational information, contacting the team, news and a variety of other things.

Oracle profile

Already many exciting companies are getting involved. Companies like IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Oracle and Huawei have all begun to participate, but CEO Jonathan Levi says the service is open to any and all projects interested in being registered.

New blockchains and services on those chains are launching all the time. Hopefully this could become the first true explorer to cover all the different chains, making them as easy to search for as websites are today.

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