Over 3,000 businesses worldwide now accept Dash for payments

13 Sep, 2018
by Joeri Cant
Over 3,000 businesses worldwide now accept Dash for payments

Dash International Outreach Coordinator and Director of PR, Mark Mason, was very excited to announce the fact that Dash is now accepted in over 3,000 businesses worldwide. Dash has seen an increase of 700 merchants over a period of just 18 days, which comes down to almost 40 new businesses per day, Mason says in his video.

1,382 merchants listed on DiscoverDash accept Dash in Venezuela, which accounts for nearly half of Dash’s global merchants.

'This number has significantly risen recently as Dash has experienced an explosion in merchant adoption.' Mason said. 'Venezuela has become the rising star in the Dash ecosystem.'

Mason pointed out that 'Dash has experienced exponential growth in real-world adoption while the rest of the cryptocurrency world has stagnated in the bear market.'

Recently, Alejandro Echeverria from DashHelp, published a video where he shows how easy it is to pay for a Subway lunch in Caracas, Venezuela.

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