Head of operations at OKEx comments on the Star Xu fraud case

12 Sep, 2018
Head of operations at OKEx comments on the Star Xu fraud case

Yesterday saw a Chepicap announce the news that OKEx co-founder Star Xu was being transported to the local police station in Shanghai for questioning related to a fraud case. Head of operations at OKEx, Andy Cheung has since come out on Twitter and commented on the situation. 

Cheung took to Twitter to explain to users what actually is going on with Xu. Cheung has given his account of what has actually happened stating that Xu actually contacted the police for help after he was surrounded by a group of people in Shanghai. Police invited all of them to the to police station for further investigation.

The group of people laid a fraud complaint against Xu at the police station. Xu remained at the police station to clarify the situation and left afterwards. 

Cheung also mentions that he is friends with Xu, but that Xu does not run OKEx. Cheung described his disappointment regarding the false news that was shared regarding Xu being arrested.

Recap:OKEX founder escorted to police station regarding fraud case

In conclusion, it is not apparent that Star Xu was in fact arrested and being held by police, but rather assisting in an ongoing issue with a group of aggravated investors who believe he is responsible, but may not in fact be the case.

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