Bitcoin holding $6,278 as bearish sentiment has alts sliding downhill

12 Sep, 2018
Bitcoin holding $6,278 as bearish sentiment has alts sliding downhill

Bitcoin continues to hold resistance above $6,000 as the most alts see more significant drops in price. The bearish sentiment continues to push prices to new lows as Ethereum drops to its lowest since May 2017.

Bitcoin Dominance/Market Cap 

Bitcoin has continued to trade sideways as it remains above key resistance at $6,000. Bitcoins sideways movement has seen investors moving back into bitcoin as altcoins continue to drop in price. Bitcoins dominance climbed to 58%. The last time Bitcoin climbed up to 58%+ dominance was in December 2017. While BTC continues to hold steady, total market cap continues to slump and is currently sitting at $187 Million. The last time the market cap was this low was November 2017.

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Top 10 

All top 10 projects excluding $USDT saw drops over the last 24 hours. $ADA suffered the worst with a 14.11% drop in price followed by $ETH with 12.53% drop which sees $ETH sitting at $170. The remaining coins excluding $BTC, saw drops ranging from 3.37% to 11.80% drops. 

Top 100 Biggest Gainer: $DRGN - $0.196 (2.23%/24HR) 

Dragonchain is one of a hanfdul of coins that remain green over the past 24 hours. The project jumped a meager 2.23%. $Doge appears to have held strong with no drop or gain in price and remained at an impressive 101 Satoshis. 

Top 100 Biggest Loser: $NANO - $1.61 (-16.88%/24HR) 

$NANO sees its impressive rally over the past weeks being wiped out as the project dropped 16.88% over the past 24 hours. Some close competition for worst performing coin include $WTC (-16.44%), $NAS (-16.21) and $PPT (-15.60%). All in all, over 95% of the top 100 coins saw red over the past day.

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