Larry King imagines blockchain as a tool for a more equitable society for all

11 Sep, 2018
by Arthur Sillers
Larry King imagines blockchain as a tool for a more equitable society for all

Larry King hosted a panel at a blockchain conference with some big names in crypto, where he led a discussion on the blockchain's potential role in economic and enviornmental justice for the developing world.

Television and radio host Larry King has quietly become something of a crypto figure. He is on the board of GEAR Token, which is a crypto startup centered around reducing fossil fuel emissions. GEAR Token’s objectives are to create a more energy efficient way of mining cryptocurrency, as well as wealth which can be invested in clean-energy initiatives.

The president of GEAR told Bitcoin Magazine that the firm’s “mission is to use blockchain and crypto to help and give back to the Earth through things such as building more and more tangible, real-world assets,” and to repair the damaged reputation that crypto has for those with enviornmental concerns.

Recently, King spoke at the Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto, according to NullTX. There, he held a panel titled Mass Influence and Adoption of Blockchain Technology, which covered the growing role that crypto and distributed ledger technology is having on worldwide technology and media.

In step with the positive environmental mission that King has in advising GEAR, the panel focused on the ways that blockchain can create a more equitable and healthy worldwide society.

In particular, the CEO of Bloq, Matthew Roszak, noted in the discussion that decentralizing currency and financial instruments is poised to help the millions of unbanked in the world, as well as the developing economies of the Third World through wealth creation and peer-to-peer transaction capabilities.

Roszak went further in his prophecy for what the technology holds in store, claiming that, 'in about a decades time you're going to be in front of your board seeing that the center of what you do, how you make money, is free.'

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