CEO of Cardano says that crypto's 'best days are ahead of us'

09 Sep, 2018
by Arthur Sillers
CEO of Cardano says that crypto's 'best days are ahead of us'

Cardano CEO Charles Hoskinson released a video statement where he detailed the updates on Cardano 1.3.1, leading up to the slated Cardano 1.4 release. In it, he made hopeful statements on crypto’s future, and cosigned the intellectual talent of those in the space.

Hoskinson mainly described the new features of the Cardano platform, which runs the ADA token. These will include features such as bug reporting, wallet features, and data storage, aimed for a full release in the form of Cardano 1.4 testnet sometime in October.

Near the end of the video, Hoskinson gave some general thoughts on the recent cryptoverse, especially in light of the significant downturns investors have experienced in the past week.

He acknowledges the pessimism that follows rumors such as the one bumping around currently that ‘Goldman-Sachs shorted the market,’ which took the market down 10% without being true, but suggests keeping a more long term perspective.

He points out that the ‘market’s got a little ahead of our progress,’ with so many speculators getting involved in the exciting technology sector even before fully developed useful products have proliferated. He compares it to the early 2000’s burst of the dot-com bubble, where similarly ‘expectations were a little inflated,’ but notes this crash ‘didn’t kill Amazon and Google and end the internet.’

Hoskinson mantains that ‘our best days are ahead of us,’ pointing to the fact that so many talented engineers are entering crypto and now fully invested in creating useful technologies which can help the lives of ‘billions of people.’

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