$28k by 2019? Ronnie Moas still bullish on Bitcoin

09 Sep, 2018
by David Robb
$28k by 2019? Ronnie Moas still bullish on Bitcoin

While many people in the crypto community are fearing the worst after this week's major Bitcoin price crash, one notable early adopter remains as bullish as ever. Ronnie Moas has taken to Twitter to reassure his followers and tell them not to miss out on some potentially huge gains, reiterating a prediction of $28k by the end of 2019.

Moas, who is the founder of the Standpoint Research group, has been impressively accurate with his Bitcoin predictions in the past. He partly anticipated the historic bull run and the rise of Ethereum back in 2017, and investors will regularly tap him for this thoughts on where crypto is heading next.

Undeterred by the general downtrend in the crypto market, he believes that the current negative mood is being encouraged by those at the top, preventing people from making the move into crypto that could see them become successful.

Moas has built himself a reputation as someone on the side of the underdog, and has encouraged the rich to donate much of their wealth to those most in need.

He pointed to the relatively high trading volume in the crypto markets, and the recent increase in major institutional investment in cryptocurrencies, as a positive sign for the future. 

According to Moas, smaller investors selling up now will be missing out on the next huge move in the crypto markets, which will be on par with Bitcoin's early years. His prediction is that, by the end of 2019, the BTC price will be around $28,000.

The response to such a bullish statement was predictably mixed, which is perhaps the only thing that can be predicted in the crypto world for now.

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