IBM announces partnership in blockchain-backed transparent data sharing

09 Sep, 2018
by Fifi Arisandi
IBM announces partnership in blockchain-backed transparent data sharing

IBM continues their efforts to becoming the leader in the blockchain industry by collaborating with a blockchain startup that works on transparent data-sharing in the healthcare industry. 

IBM just announced a collaboration with Hu-manity, a blockchain startup that works on transparent data-sharing. Concerned by the unsolicited data collection and sharing done by many online businesses and websites these days, Hu-manity uses blockchain technology to give the power back to internet users on how their data will be used. 

The official press release mentioned how the startup uses blockchain's features like immutability and decentralization combined with AI and advanced data encryption to make activities related to data sharing more transparent. The startup focuses their service to the healthchare industry, which will enable users to choose on whether or not they agree their medical data be shared with third parties or used for cancer researches. Users are also able to lease their data for a fair market compensation to pharmaceutical companies or data aggregators. 

The mobile app, called #My31 app, is said to be ready for download by Android users in the US via Playstore, with the iOS version is expected to launch very soon. users are required to claim their human data rights first via the app, prior to determining how their medical data can be used and shared.

Hu-manity ensures that their app doesn't keep the data and that the data remains on their original storage, although it does record the users' property ownership and data sharing preferences. The startup also stated that #My31 app, which is built on IBM blockchain, is validated by the United Nations.

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