Apollo declines HitBTC listing, gets support from McAfee

08 Sep, 2018
by David Borman
Apollo declines HitBTC listing, gets support from McAfee

John McAfee is a vocal detractor of HitBTC, and now he has thrown his voice behind support for the Apollo currency, which recently turned down HitBTC's offer to be listed on the exchange. This is due to HitBTC's notorious reputation for fraud allegations brought against it, and was done despite costing the exchange $400,000.

It didn't take long for McAfee to come out in support of this decision. He also, basically, threw the gauntlet down to other coins to boycott HitBTC as well.

McAfee has for some time been rallying against not only HitBTC but most centralized exchanges, claiming they have become essentially the monsters crypto was meant to stop. He often refers to numerous reports of shady and unfair practices such as closing accounts for no reason and basically stealing money from their own customers.

Whether or not this will begin more coins boycotting HitBTC or other exchanges remains to be seen, but for now it does seem to be a powerful message to corrupt exchanges that honest projects are not interested in being listed on them.

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