Google's new tool lets you explore the Ethereum blockchain in detail

08 Sep, 2018
by David Robb
Google's new tool lets you explore the Ethereum blockchain in detail

Google has recently released a new plug-in that will enable detailed analysis of the Ethereum blockchain. It will allow Chrome users to interact with Ethereum data using its BigQuery database analysis tool.

Just a few months ago, Google released a new Chrome plug-in for BigQuery that allowed users to analyze the Bitcoin network. This latest addition expands this functionality to data from Ethereum, which is perhaps the most important blockchain for developers.

BigQuery will now be able to display important information and charts based on data from the Ethereum network, showing every transaction being processed and the wallet addresses involved. This easily-digestible info could be crucial in making a variety of financial and logistics decisions.

Google's tool can also be used to improve the architecture of the blockchain itself, showing with a simple query whether it is running at capacity and what upgrades it might need. To demonstrate the new functionality, Google used charts that display traffic on the popular Ethereum dApp 'CryptoKitties', as shown on TheNextWeb

Google's involvement with blockchain technology has been on the rise recently. There has also been an increase in the number of plugins available through its Play Store for Chrome that are used for crypto-jacking activities.

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